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In order to use the PropEco API, you must ensure that your requests are authenticated.

An API key must be given with every request as the following header:

x-api-key: <API KEY>

Requests authenticated with this method resemble the following structure:

curl \
  -X GET \
  --header "x-api-key: <API KEY>" \
const results = await fetch(``, {
  headers: {
    "x-api-key": API_KEY
const data = await results.json();

Any requests made without an API key will be met with a 403 response (access denied).

Usage Limits

Request Quotas

Each of our API products is subject to a monthly request quota depending on the tier of subscription.

Check out our available API tiers here.

Request Throttling

All requests made to PropEco API products are throttled to 1 request per second per subcription.